Drumbookstore shop

The bookstore of all drummers!


In May 2010, I decided to open a shop on the Internet to sell methods of drums, DVDs, CDs, chopsticks, pads ...

This decision comes from the fact that after traveling abroad, I did not find in France the methods I saw during my travels. So I wanted to import them and put them forward as well as their authors so that the greatest number benefits.

The shop is supported by big national and international drummers :

Daniel Humair, Alain De Campos, MarcDe Douvan, Ludovic Defacques, Dom Famularo,Stephane Chamberland, JoJo Mayer, John “Jr” Robinson, Tommy Igoe et Rick Latham.

Payments by credit card are 100% secure.

Delivery European Union, Dom Tom, Switzerland.