Méthodes Eddy Ros

I wrote a two-volume drums method «Progressive Drum Book».

This method aims to teach beginners to decipher the rhythmic solfeggio, to become familiar with all the drum set and to have fun by interpreting real rhythms and fills.

In addition to the above objectives, this method also aims to develop the student's personality and musicality by playing grooves. These are recorded on a CD attached to each volume. The student can practice accompanied by a bass guitar and a metronome or, if he prefers with the drums and the bass.

This method is for beginners to begin the practice of the instrument with a user-friendly tool allowing them to fully express themselves on the entire instrument and develop very early concepts dear to my school (independence, rigor of tempo, groove, etc ...).

This method was prefaced by four great drummers: Gilles Choir, Joe Porcaro, Robin Di Maggio and Dom Famularo.

The method is published éditions Henry Lemoine.

It is available in all music libraries and music stores.

You can also find it on the Drumbooksstore website by clicking on the following links:

Progressive Drum Book Volume 1

Progressive Drum Book Volume 2

Preface by Dom Famularo : «It takes time, dedication,commitment, experience, passion and unending perseverence to write a very clearmethod for modern drum set. Eddy has succeededand set to learning that educational and fun ! EXCELLENT !»

Preface by Joe Porcaro : «This drum manuel by Eddy Ros is one of the best systematic approaches torock drumming for beginning drummers.»

Preface by Gilles Choir 241/5000 "This method brings together with talent and originality everything a drummer needs to work in order to express himself on the instrument. A beautiful and interesting approach that will help you develop your musicality. Good work everyone !"

Preface by Robin DiMaggio : «The wonderful approach that myfriend Eddy has compiled in his drum book will take you on a journey of modern rock drumming, apply the groove and enjoy.»

Critical Method Progressive Drum Book Vol 1 & 2